Easy RPG Creator Wiki

The armors tab of the Easy RPG Creator Database manages the armors seen throughout the game that can be used by the player.

Warning: Image is out-of-date!


ArmorsTab (1).png
  1. Name: This is where you type in the name of the armor that you are currently editing.
  2. Description: A brief description of the armor being edited.
  3. Armor Type: The type of the weapon (i.e. Cloth, Chain Mail, Plate, Leather).  This is important for post-alpha test versions of Easy RPG Creator which will allow members of the party to only use certain armor types.
  4. Slot Type: The type of slot that this is able to be equipped into (i.e. Head, Body, Back, Legs, Shoulders).  The slot type typed here should match the equipment slots that you have defined in the Database Loader behavior.
  5. Price: The cost to buy this item from a shop.  This is also the price at which the item will be sold.  Post-alpha test versions will contain shops with modifiable settings such as taxes, selling rate (a percent of the total price that the player will receive back from selling an item), amongst other things.
  6. Parameter Changes: The changes to each of the base stats that this armor will inflict.  These numbers don't have to be positive, they can also be negative.  For a list of what each parameter is/does, check out the parameters page.
  7. Item Icon: This lets you pick an icon to display in-game.