The characters tab of the Easy RPG Creator Database manages the characters seen throughout the game that can be used by the player.

Warning: Image is out-of-date!


  1. Name: This is where you type in the name of the character that you are currently editing.
  2. Title: This is a basic title of the character, such as King.  In the Alpha Test it is displayed only in the Equipment Menu.
  3. Description: A brief description of who the character is.
  4. Initial Level: The starting level of a character when they join the party.
  5. Skill Points Per Level: The Easy RPG Creator uses a Skill Point based leveling system, meaning that skill points can be assigned to the various stats of a character to upgrade the characters how the player sees fit.
  6. Base Stats: Each of the base stats that this character starts off with. For a list of what each parameter is/does, check out the parameters page.
  7. Modify Experience Curve: This is used to set the character's experience curve (how much experience they need to reach the next level).  More about this can be found here.
  8. Item Icon: This lets you set an image to be displayed in-game.
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