The Database is the main portion of the Easy RPG Creator.  It's used to add any RPG-oriented content to your Stencyl project.


Check out the Installation instructions.

Using the Database

Upon first opening a game, namely the Easy RPG Creator kit, a message box will prompt you if you'd like to open up the Easy RPG Creator.  If you click on Yes, the database window will open up.  If you close the window, or said No, you can always click on the Extensions button at the top of the page and scroll down to Easy RPG Creator.  If you have a game open, this will open the database right up for you.

The Tabs

Along the top of the window you will see a list of tabs, these tabs are where you can create the items for your game.  Let's go over these tabs and their functions.

  1. Items: This is a list of items, such as potions and other curatives.  They can restore health, restore mana, deal damage to either health or mana, cure or cause status effects, amongst other things.
  2. Dialog: This is a list of various dialogs that can be seen throughout your game.
  3. Weapons: This is a list of the various weapons your players' characters will be using to fight their battles.
  4. Armors: This is a list of the various armors that will protect your players' characters during fights.
  5. Characters: This is a list of the characters your players will be using throughout your game.  You can set their base stats here, as well as their experience curve, and the skill points they will be using.

Add/Remove Item Buttons

The Add/Remove Item buttons will either add a blank item/weapon/armor/dialog/character to your database, or delete an existing item/weapon/armor/dialog/character from the database.

Save Changes

This button will save the information in every tab in the database, not just the one you are currently working on.

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