The dialog tab is where the user can create various dialogs used throughout their game projects.

For info about creating a message box, check Creating a Message Box or the Dialog Manager.

If you want to manually enter dialog into your message boxes, we recommend typing it up in the dialog tab and then just copy and pasting it into your dialog box.  We used that several times in designing the ERC kit, for instance, the Save option for the Pause Menu, and also the Quit option.


Special Character Codes

The following special character codes can be used to create more dynamic dialogs.

[choice: text~text~text]

- Replace the first text with the display name that you want players to see, replace the second text with the name of the event you want to trigger, and replace the third text with either "Scene" or "Actor"
Usage Example: "Hey! How's it going?
[choice: Good~choiceGood~Actor]
[choice: Bad~choiceBad~Actor]"

[face: text]

- Replace text with the file name of the face image you wish to use, for instance: "icecream" for a file named "icecream.png"
Usage Example: "[face: face01]Hey! How's it going?"

[name: text]

- Replace text with the name you want to appear in the name box.
Usage Example: "[name: Jon]Hey! How's it going?"


- Replace the # with the ID of the position of a character in the party.
Usage Example: "The first member in your party is [p0]!"


- Replace the # with the ID of an armor from the Armors Tab.
Usage Example: "The second armor in our database is [p1]."


- Replace the # with the ID of a weapon from the Weapons Tab.
Usage Example: "I have a fine [w3] for sale!"


- Replace the # with the ID of an item from the Items Tab.
Usage Example: "Here, have a [i20]!"


- Replace the # with the ID of a character from the Characters Tab.
Usage Example: "The first character in the database is [c0]."


- Coming Soon!
Usage Example: Coming Soon!
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