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Welcome to the official Wiki page for the simple RPG database and kit for the Stencyl game making engine, Easy RPG Creator by Everbrave.  The purpose of this Wiki is to try and make using the Easy RPG Creator as easy as possible.

What is the Easy RPG Creator (ERC)?

The Easy RPG Creator (ERC) is an extension addon and project file for the Stencyl game making engine.  It is comprised of two parts; the database and the kit.  The ERC's sole purpose is to make it simple and fun to create an RPG (Roleplaying Game) using the Stencyl game making engine.  You can add complicated items, armors, weapons, characters, dialog and more using the database, which is then added into the kit (the template project file) simply by naming them and setting their customizable values using the database.

Getting Started

New to Easy RPG Creator and need help getting started?  Read the installation instructions here. Lost?  Why not try checking out ourBeginner's Tutorial?

What to Expect in the Future

Here's a list of things we expect to have done in the future and small list of other things: Future Updates.

Latest activity

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