The items tab of the Easy RPG Creator Database manages the items seen throughout the game that can be used by the player.

WARNING: Image is out-of-date!


ItemsTab (1).png
  1. Name: The name of the item currently being edited.
  2. Description: A brief description of what this item does.
  3. Target: Who/What this item will be used on. In the Alpha Test, this feature did nothing.
  4. Price: The cost to buy this item from a shop.  This is also the price at which the item will be sold.  Post-alpha test versions will contain shops with modifiable settings such as taxes, selling rate (a percent of the total price that the player will receive back from selling an item), amongst other things.
  5. Consumable: When this item is used, is it removed from the inventory (i.e. consumed)?
  6. Recovery Effects: The HP Rate is the Percent of the character's Total HP that will be recovered by using this potion.  The same goes for the MP Rate.  (An example of this would be 20% of 100 HP is 20 HP.)  The HP Value and MP Value are straight values that will be restored to the character. (An example would be an HP Value of 20 means that 20 HP will be restored to the character.)
  7. Damage Effects: The base dmg value is the the exact amount of damage that will be dealt to the target.  The variance is to include a degree of randomness to the damage being dealt.  This value will be the Base Damage Value MINUS the variance to the Base Damage Value PLUS the variance.
  8. Damage MP?: This will take the Base Damage Value and instead of dealing the damage to the target's HP, will deal the damage to the target's MP.
  9. Item Icon: Lets you set an icon for the image for displaying in-game.
  10. Cause/Cure: This let's you have an item add or remove a Status Condition from a character or all characters in the current party.
  11. Status Effected: This is the name or ID of the Status Effect you want to add/remove from character(s) in the party.

Future Plans

In the future, the Easy RPG Creator is expected to have more options available for the Items tab, such as the ability to designate an item as a Key item, also known as a Quest item.  Another planned feature is allowing an item to trigger a scene event, allowing a much more versatile game.

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