Easy RPG Creator Wiki

The formula used in the calculation of the experience curve is: (A*((L-1)^(0.9+B/250))*L*(L+1)/(6+L^2/50/C)+(L-1)*D)

Where A = Base Value, B = Acceleration A, C = Acceleration B, D = Extra Value, and L = Current Character's Level.

  1. The base value of the experience.  If all other values are set to 0, this value (times the character's current level) is the amount of experience you need to reach the next level.
  2. Acceleration A: This is how fast you want the character to get experience.
  3. Acceleration B: This is another way to modify the acceleration of the experience curve.
  4. Extra Value: An additional amount of experience to add to the curve.
  5. EXP To Next Level Test: This lets you test the values you plugged into the previous fields and shows you how much experience you need to REACH THE TEST LEVEL.  For example, Level 1 will always have 0 for the experience to level because you need 0 experience points to be level 1.